'I'm a much better mum now that I don’t drink' - Lotta Dan on Weekend Life

Latest - Magic Talk 23/06/2020

Carly Flynn on Weekend Life talked with Lotta Dan, the author of new book ‘The Wine O’Clock Myth: the truth you need to know about women and alcohol’.

“I need to fix myself,” Dan explains how she wanted to talk to people who were struggling with alcohol and help them see there is a way out.

Dan admits she didn't realise how disconnected she was from herself while she was drinking alcohol, and says “there’s a reason why people drink.”

“It does take bravery,”

I was terrified.

Dan goes on to say it’s a really difficult environment being around alcohol in public, but eight years on she hasn’t touched a drop.

“If people are truly honest with themselves,” they might see it's not giving them what they think it is, Dan shares.

Chocolate is something she turns to instead, to receive the same feelings of happiness.

It's an addictive drug.

“I'm a much much better mum now that I don’t drink.”

Listen to the full interview above.