“I'm saddened and I'm broken” - US Police Officer speaks with Ryan Bridge

Ryan Bridge 03/06/2020

Ryan Bridge spoke with Vadim Dale, a Police Officer originally from Australia who is now working in Louiseville, US -  but this latest surge of anger that’s washing across America at the moment is causing him to question his long career in police.

Speaking about the place in which he works, Dale explains “Louisvilles got a good relationship with the community,” compared to the on-going protests in other states. 

These are troubling times, Dale says, and goes on to share that a man he knew personally lost his life at the hands of the police.

David “Yaya” McAtee, an African-American who owned a BBQ shop and who would frequently feed the US Police for free, was shot by the police during the protests and riots on Friday. 

I hugged this man as an equal, I loved him,

Vale says as a Police Officer, they “are doing our very best to keep everyone safe,” but he also wants to look at what police have done wrong in the past.

Im praying and hoping this is a turning point for our country.

Vale shares, after the death of George Floyd and of his friend David McAtee.

Tired of the hate and violence, Vale goes on to say “we’re all equals,” although admits there are some racist police.

“Tell me what I need to do to fix the future,” Vale says, and explains there was anger and sorrow when he learnt about the passing of George Floyd, and of his friend David McAtee.

“Saddened and broken”, Vale admits after 12 years of law enforcement he is considering changing his career.

Listen to the full interview above.