Duncan Garner: Why we should celebrate New Zealand's two new cases of COVID-19

Opinion 17/06/2020

OPINION: The AM Show host, Duncan Garner.

I almost feel what I'm about to say should be in Amanda's good news because it's about success while the world watches.

I'm talking about these two new cases of COVID-19. I think we should celebrate them rather than simply say the Health Ministry was lax and useless in not testing these women as they left self-isolation.

Now, that of course is true, and I'd add it's embarrassing. To the Ministry; if you're feeling sheepish, then you deserve the humiliation. Let this be your mistake, you're on notice. But don't let the good work be for nothing. No wonder Jacinda Ardern ran a mile from the bad news.

From the comfort of her desk, away from the insensitive, good for nothing media, she could talk to the people via Facebook.

But if you are in any doubt who is behind the mistake, then look no further than the Health Ministry who oversee the testing. It's just slack - someone, somewhere is not doing their job properly.

No wonder Ardern sent out a part-time mountain biker masquerading as the Health Minister for the "please explain".

But here's the good bit - we still caught these two women; tested, traced and largely followed them.

Although, the most remarkable development is the claim by Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield that they never stopped for petrol on the way to Wellington nor did they use public toilets. I hope they know it's an offence to go for a pee on the side of the road.

But seriously, we shouldn't blink an eyelid at this. Our processes are working, even if not all of them.

We should not face any new sanctions - our border is our hot spot. I can't see it being fully open for a couple of years.

And to my son Buster - no mate, we are not going to alert level 4 again. You'll still see your mates at school and go to training on Thursday night.