Duncan Garner: Willie Jackson's desperate attacks on Judith Collins shows the threat she poses

The AM Show 20/07/2020

OPINION: You know Labour is worried when Minister of Employment Willie Jackson is furiously working the weekend, attacking new National leader Judith Collins.

He said Collins would be as culturally shocking to us as Trump's victory in America.

Really? Folks - that is Jackson at his most desperate.

Collins has them worried, and I doubt Collins would be offended by it. It confirms the threat she poses.

As you will know, Judith and Willie formed our Friday political panel, so they know each other well - but that was disbanded after Collins took National's leadership.

So Willie spent his weekend slapping together a breathless Facebook rant, ruthlessly attacking Judith as some kind of divisive racist, all seemingly based on her recent comment: "Is there something wrong with me being white?"

Now Willie thinks that comment is stupid and racially divisive? Is it?

As a university student, Judith took her Samoan-Chinese boyfriend home, much to the disgust of her father.

Judith refused to budge, she stood by her man, and remains with him today. That's how racist Judtih is.

Does she dog-whistle the crowd - of course. Don't most of them?

Judith is proud of her heritage and at the time of her comment, she felt that was under attack. So she made a comment many people might make.

But for Willie to label the comment racially divisive is a stretch.

It's certainly no worse or any more divisive than his attack on Paula Bennett a year ago, when he questioned if she really was a Māori - some days she is, some days she isn't - referring to her lack of ability to speak Māori on the Marae.

It's a bit rich of Jackson to accuse Collins of divisive politics, when his attack on Bennett was totally divisive. It was also cultural and intellectual snobbery and elitism.

I detest the belittling that goes on here. Because she doesn't speak Māori, she is somehow a lower form of Māori than Jackson. Yuck.

I think Willie is desperate. He fails to see that Judith has promoted National MP Shane Reti from number 17 to number five on the front bench and Simon Bridges to four.

Both are Māori - how racist, Judith.

Willie ignores facts in favour of emotion.

Collins is making an impact - bring on the first set of polls. Has she closed the gap?

I suggest she has, given how defensive Willie Jackson has become.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.