Jewish spokesperson Juliet Moses speaks her mind on William Wood controversy with Sean

Sean Plunket 29/07/2020

Lawyer and Jewish spokesperson Juliet Moses joins Sean over the phone to talk about the revolving controversy around 18 year old National MP candidate William Wood and a picture he uploaded online when he was 14 years old of himself imitating/mocking Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

The image has garnered a lot of criticism from mainstream media and others as being antisemetic and problematic. But, should Wood be held accountable for his actions from when he was only 14 years old? This is what Sean and many others want to get to the bottom of… and who better to ask than a spokesperson for the Jewish community here in New Zealand?

We don’t think its right to condemn somebody for their actions as a 14 year old” - Juliet Moses

Is this another case of people getting offended on behalf of others or is the criticism valid?

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Full interview above.