Bella Powell from last nights 'Because It Matters' segment joins The AM show this morning

The AM Show 03/08/2020

You may have seen on  Newshubs "Because It Matters'' segment last night a story about a young 17 year old girl named Bella Powell.

Bella has been fighting the disease Cystic Fibrosis for her entire life. Now, finally, there is what has been quoted as a “miracle drug” called Tirkafta on the market that Bella claims her symptoms such as breathing issues had cleared... Only six hours after taking her first dose.

But, here’s the catch… the drug is expensive. Very expensive. The drug owned by American company Vertex costs users around $469,000 a year. So far Bella has been able access to this because medical researcher and cystic fibrosis expert Sir Bob Elliott has tried to help Powell for much of her life.

I felt I just couldn't let Bella die knowing there was a drug out there that could help her.

Knowing that Trikafta might be able to save her, he paid for her three-month supply which cost about $100,000.

Bella joined The AM Show this morning to talk further on the drug and how much it’s helped her… and how much more needs to be done to make this drug accessible to all. Watch the full interview above.