Duncan Garner: Why I'm considering changing my vote to 'yes' at the cannabis referendum

The AM Show 23/09/2020

This article / op-ed comes courtesy of Duncan Garner and NewsHub

OPINION: This will surprise you after my hardline opposition to legalising cannabis.

I have always said 'no' and was planning to vote no in the referendum.

But finally, something has happened and I am now considering changing my vote to a 'yes'.

That's based on the re-emergence of this deadly killer drug synthetic cannabis - evil wrapped in tinfoil.

Now, people only smoke it because cannabis is illegal and not always easy to get. I think synthetic cannabis is in the top 10 most dangerous drugs on the planet along with heroin and meth, and the experts say this crap could kill you.

This is deadly serious. Smoke this and the odds are stacked against you, and in favour of you not seeing another day on planet earth.

Seriously, it's not worth it. The high will likely send you two feet up then eight feet down; no good night and an even worse morning as your family and loved ones deal with the hangover that never goes away. 

Our authorities must act and must speak out this time. Marijuana is a totally different drug - it's a natural plant and way less harmful. Man, I'm sounding like Chloe Swarbrick here.

But don't get me wrong, I still don't like the idea of legalising something that can and does ruin young lives. 

And as I said, until Wednesday I had planned to vote 'no' in the referendum. 

But I'm not so sure now - the lesser of the evils is now my choice.

If it meant your teenager survived, well, I'm not so sure about my vote anymore.

I'm a father - my kids are aged 10 through 19. I love them too much to be pig headed and ill informed on this one. I have some more thinking to do.

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