BNZ Closures... bad luck or just progress?

The Sunday Cafe 23/11/2020

Ah progress… it just keeps on keeping on doesn’t it? Don’t get in the way of progress… it’ll run you over and leave you in the dust. 

Here’s some more progress for your Sunday morning… BNZ will close eight of its branches on Christmas Eve and 30 more before the middle of next year. That’s 38 BNZ branches set to close by June 2021.

This is on top of the ASB bank announcing closures as well a week or so ago.

The BNZ Chief customer officer Paul Carter said about three-quarters of its customers bank online or over the phone and the physical branches simply did not attract customers anymore. He says: 

"The majority of our customers are banking online and our talented bankers are often waiting in empty branches for customers who simply do not arrive."

Jane Pentecost is The President of Grey Power and joins Roman Travers on The Sunday Cafe.