Mark Richardson gives Jacinda Ardern rare compliment after she dodges Donald Trump questions

The AM Show 09/11/2020

Jacinda Ardern and Mark Richardson have shared a rare heartwarming moment when the former cricketer complimented the Prime Minister on her deflecting skills.

Ardern appeared on The AM Show on Monday and faced questions from Duncan Garner over her feelings about Donald Trump's post-election behaviour.

The US President has refused to concede the election and claims it was stolen and fraudulent - claims for which he has yet to produce any evidence.

Garner asked if Ardern condemned the behaviour, to which she replied she supports the US institution and its democracy which she says "has spoken".

"It's classless though, isn't it?" Garner probed.

"I actually think if we had other leaders sitting there giving a running commentary on our elections we wouldn't take too kindly to that and for good reason so I'm very careful about that Duncan."

She went on to say commentary from other world leaders about New Zealand's COVID-19 response wasn't well received so she didn't intend to give it back to the US.

Garner had a third go at getting a response from her, saying people would miss "the theatre of [Trump's presidency]".

"My job isn't to get into the personality of it - so I don't," she rebuffed.

Richardson was impressed with the political dodging, piping up to congratulate Ardern.

"Can I just say as a sports person well played, because Duncan is obviously trying to create some kind of international headline there," he said.

"And you have batted that away with expert precision!"

Ardern seemed pleased with the compliment, saying she was going to mount it somewhere to remember it.

Richardson has been outspoken about his true blue National roots and has butted heads with Ardern on multiple occasions.

Most infamously, the pair argued in 2017, briefly after Ardern became the Labour Party leader, about whether women should be required to inform employers if they are planning to have babies.