Scott Brown urges Mark Richardson to run for Parliament

The AM Show 07/12/2020

This article was written by Newshub reporter Mark Quinlivan

Outgoing US Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown has told Mark Richardson to enter politics.

The AM Show co-host Richardson is an avid supporter of The National party who is regularly outspoken on political issues.

Appearing on the show on Monday, his last appearance before returning to the US, Brown left Richardson with some advice.

"You should run. You've talked about it enough - I've heard you a zillion times - you have a national profile," Brown told Richardson. "Why don't you run?

"Stop complaining and get involved.

I think you should run because you don't want politicians - you want regular people with national profiles and you've complained enough about your country to get involved. You can do it - I'll vote for you.

Richardson, speechless for a moment, said he'd only run if he could go straight to the top.

"I will only run for Prime Minister - I will not run to be one of those goons that have to stand behind the Prime Minister with a fake smile on, looking part of a team."

But Brown defended Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her Cabinet, saying they were "very capable".

Mark Richardson, left, and Scott Brown.
Mark Richardson, left, and Scott Brown. Photo credit: The AM

"You call them goons; I call them facilitators that help solve problems because you can't do it all by yourself," Brown said.  

Earlier this year, Richardson said he could be Prime Minister.

"I mean, I could actually do a better job than this current lot," he told co-host Duncan Garner in May. 

Brown is returning to the US later this month, where he'll take up a new role at a law school.

This article was written by Newshub reporter Mark Quinlivan