Duncan Garner: Our new community case raises more questions than answers

Opinion 25/01/2021

OPINION: How's that for a dose of COVID-19 reality. Bet you're nervous about what it all means.

Our first community case since November last year raises more questions than answers.

I'm nervous. I don't want us to face new lockdowns. We're still enjoying summer, our freedoms, skiting to the world that we beat COVID-19.

But how did COVID-19 appear after two negative tests and two weeks in managed isolation? It's got our experts baffled. 

And it feels like this woman stopped at almost every shop, pub, museum, supermarket and corner there is between here and Whangarei.

Fair enough, she was celebrating freedom just like all of us. But here's my beef - and I'll make no apology this morning for holding COVID Minister Chris Hipkins' feet to the fire.

What did you mean when you said last year: "We will be amongst the first in the world to roll out the vaccines"?

Nice words, but it's not happening. Where is the vaccine Minister?

All these other countries have it and are rolling it out before us. The European Union gave it the green light on December 21.

What happened to going hard and going early? Our front line workers need it now, not in March, April, May.

Everyone else is getting vaccinated: the UK, the US, Germany, Belgium, France, Finland, Israel, Kuwait, Mexico, Romania, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Latvia.

The list is exhaustive. Did I mention Cyprus, Russia, Lithuania?

According to the Government's timeline, vaccines here won't be available until the second quarter. That's months away. For most citizens, it will be July at the earliest.

The world is moving and we face being left behind by getting the jab last. Could other parts of the world travel, open up, return to normal before us - Yes.

The Government must explain to every one of us who has put life on hold for a year, why suddenly we look flat-footed on the vaccine.

It's not good enough. We don't want spin, we want the truth.

The last 24 hours is our warning.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.