Duncan Garner: If Jacinda Ardern knew about COVID-19 cases on Sunday morning, why didn't she do unpopular thing and canc

The AM Show 15/02/2021

OPINION: Chin up, we can do this.

I'm hoping it's a short three-day lockdown, but experience tells us we crash hard into these lockdowns and it takes time to get out of them. 

But stay positive; it's worked before and it should again. Don't panic buy - supermarkets are stocked and open. 

But when the news came through, I yelped "bugger". I'm not good at lockdowns - I like people and I worry just like you.  

I worry about businesses and jobs, and this will do nothing for business confidence.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff wrote to Ministers weeks ago pleading with them to keep Auckland out of lockdown should an outbreak occur. Lockdowns cost jobs so let's hope that's limited.

And if Auckland stays put, places like Queenstown go from bad to worse. They need travellers. 

It's bloody confusing for our kids too who've only just returned to school.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says we are going hard and early, but I say "big gay out" to that. They knew of these cases on Sunday morning, so why didn't Ardern do the unpopular thing and cancel Auckland's Big Gay Out carnival on Sunday afternoon?

Thousands and thousands celebrated the LGBTQ+ community while there was also COVID-19 in the community. 

At 1:40pm, they were told by officials to carry on - "it's safe for your mass gathering".

Yet hours later we were in hard lockdown. 

Why didn't they postpone the festivities, why risk it? It baffles me.

To me, hard and early would see us close the borders. 

I've said it before, and here it is again - close the border temporarily to all but cargo, and the most essential arrivals.

We can't keep doing this.

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