Half of Kiwis plan to splurge on 2021 holiday plans - Travel Presenter Debbie Griffiths on Weekend Life

Latest 09/02/2021

This week Expedia launched its annual Vacation Deprivation report, which looked at the annual leave habits of Kiwis over the past year.

The study revealed that 2021 is the year where Kiwis take advantage of their days off more than ever, where they are planning to take more leave and spend more on holidays this year.

Some key data points:

  • Despite taking more leave each year over the past five years, Kiwis’ holiday deprivation continues to rise, with over half (57%) of Kiwis report feeling holiday deprived in this year’s report.

  • Kiwis only took 13 days of leave in 2020, survey results show they plan on taking an extra week in 2021 (total of 18 days)

  • 47% willing to spend more on their bucket list holiday than originally planned

  • A quarter are planning on taking more holidays to make up for 2020

So where are these local tourists going to holiday and are they going to fill the void of the international holidaymakers? Travel presenter Debbie Griffiths talks on this and more this weekend on Weekend Life.