It's a laptop representing just a few of the team of 5 mill
It's a laptop representing just a few of the team of 5 mill

Peter Williams: Team of five million - yeah right

Opinion 02/03/2021

OPINION: Are we being expected to once again nark on our neighbours and family if they don’t do the right thing by staying at home or not getting a Covid test? Didn’t we get to this stage last year too?

I doubt very much if anyone actually went ahead and dobbed someone in, but there was the Prime Minister on Monday again asking for us to call out a family member or work colleague for not following the rules. But of course, there was the inevitable tagline “do it with kindness”. Hmm, I guess it’s a step up on last year when from memory there was a phone number or some other contact for you to dob someone in. 

I see somebody narked on the Coastguard off Waiheke on Sunday. It delivered a box of tonic to a launch, which was obviously a genuine gin palace, but somebody was watching up on Waiheke Island, probably with the binoculars, and dobbed in the Coastguard for a) speeding around the gin palace, and b) delivering tonic for a hundred dollar donation. Was any damage really done? I’m not sure but I note the Coastguard boat skipper got a telling off from his boss and the hundred dollars was given back.

And then this whole concept of the team of five million. I mean really? Did you ever buy it from the start? But are we now beginning to see a real fracturing of it, of people not wanting to be selected for the team? It is now such a cliche you actually wonder how politicians can say it with a straight face anymore. 

The Prime Minister says the reason we have been successful in having virtually no Covid in the country is that there have been high rates of compliance and a low tolerance for rule-breaking. Do you think that’s the real reason? I would have thought the main reason is having essentially only one way for people to get into the country, very few people being allowed through the borders, and everybody who arrives having to do two weeks of isolation. Any subsequent outbreak must have somehow come through the border, most likely through Auckland Airport and its associated facilities and services. 

But are you sick of the team of five million line?

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