Peter Williams: Trump was right - Harry needs a lot of luck

Peter Williams 09/03/2021

OPINION: Do you feel you know enough already about what Harry and Meghan said to form an opinion about the interview with Oprah; about them as individuals or, more especially, about Meghan? 

Does her performance just confirm everything you’ve ever thought? That’s she’s a fragile, narcissistic woman who decided she could land the biggest role of her life - one way bigger than she was ever going to have in a middling television career. And when she finally scored it, decided - or rather discovered - that day after day life in the role was just too hard, too demanding, and - most significantly - she was never going to be the lead or the real star of the show. 

So she quit, walked away, and insulted her fellow cast members so much on the way out, she’ll never get a job with them again. 

Watching the news coverage of the interview last night, my mind went back to one of Donald Trump’s best lines last year. After Meghan Markle said during the election campaign that she would be supporting Joe Biden - and therefore breaking the cardinal rule of royalty not getting involved in politics, Trump said “I wish a lot of luck to Harry, I think he’s going to need it.”  

After watching bits of that last night, I sort of see what Trump was on about.

Do you feel any sympathy for them after the way they dropped complaint after complaint about the Royal Family? The claims of racism, of ignoring mental health issues, of Prince Charles not taking Harry’s calls. 

The thing that has always amazed me about this whole saga is that Meghan must have known what it was going to be like. For a start, she would have been an impressionable teenager in the later years of Diana’s life. There have been reports that Meghan had a Diana poster on her wall when she was growing up. 

As Diana was said to be the most famous woman in the world, anybody who could read knew what kind of life Diana was subjected to, but a good part of that was because of the hopeless relationship she had with her husband. At least Meghan’s man was and is actually in love with her, I’m pretty sure. 

Meghan was around the Royal family long enough before her wedding to know what life would be like. She was also given a considerable amount of training and support about how to do the job. So for her to bail less than two years after the wedding smacks of a predetermined plan. And then all the claims last night. What do you make of them? Everything was about her being a victim was it not? 

So do we actually believe her, especially about the racism claims? If she’s prepared to go that far, why not all the way and name the offender? And more importantly, say when and where. 

And what was all that about getting married privately three days prior to the big world televised spectacle? The complete lack of respect I thought was extraordinary. For her at one stage to refer to her family in-laws, the best-known family on the planet with a matriarch who is universally admired, for Meghan to refer to them as “The Firm” as if it was something you write about in a Hollywood production or an outfit you could buy shares in if you got lucky, was just tacky. 

Many of you will remember the Duke of Windsor, the one time Edward the 8th who bailed out of the job after he married an American divorcee. He was around for the first 20 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, living in another country, and was essentially forgotten about. Yes, that was before TV and the internet, but the British people just didn’t care. They thought he’d let them down. 

I reckon in time the British people just won’t care about these two either. They’ve insulted the Crown and the monarchy, not necessarily the individual at the pinnacle of that institution, but the institution itself. And I fear in the eyes of the majority of people in Britain and the Commonwealth, that is unforgivable.

So is there any road to redemption for them? The question is, would they want one anyway?

Peter Williams is the host of Magic Mornings, weekdays 9am - 12pm on Magic Talk.