Ryan Bridge: Julie Anne Genter telling hard-working New Zealand investors to 'cry me a river' is stupid and ugly

The AM Show 25/03/2021

OPINION: "Cry me a river."

As hundreds of thousands of hard-working Kiwis are slapped in the face by the Government with new taxes on their retirement investments, Julie Anne Genter told them to "cry me a river".

The mum and dad investors who help put a roof over the head of people who either want or need to rent in this country - they're mostly good people; they're kind and caring people, they look after their tenants, and they're not evil, nasty tyrants. 

At both ends of this debate, you hear about evil empire-builder slumlords and P-riddled nightmare tenants trashing homes.

But that's all they are - the extremes of the debate. 

For the most part, most tenants and landlords have great relationships.

But now landlords are going to be forced to raise rents on their tenants - why? Because of two new taxes on their retirement nest eggs they've been working hard to grow. 

That's bad enough - but to have Genter, a senior member of the Greens - a party that's in bed with Labour telling these good people to "cry me a river?"

It's a stupid thing to say, it comes from a really ugly place, it's salt in the wound for these blind-sided Kiwis - and a far cry from kind and caring. 

Ryan Bridge is a fill-in host on The AM Show.