Duncan Garner: Government living in its own bubble of perfect vaccination rollout

The AM Show 27/05/2021

OPINION: At first, we believed them - Chris Hipkins told us we were proudly in front of the queue for vaccinations.

But that was November and this is May and we've only just vaccinated the frontline workers - and even then the Government had to pull workers from the frontline who refused the jab.

But away from the frontline it's felt slow, looked slow and has been slow.

But this Government has maintained for months there was nothing to see here.

We regularly challenged the Prime Minister saying this looks slow - she said no. 

We peppered her with the same question a week later - "oh heavens, no' she said. 

Nothing to see here.

And in many ways, there was nothing to see because nothing was happening on the vaccine front.

As the world burned with a new COVID threat - our vaccines rolling into the country slowed up.

If we went fast, we'd run out. If we went slow, we'd run out.

Because the truth was we didn't have enough vaccines.

And it's taken too long for this Government to tell us.

The first real sign of trouble came from Covid Minister Chris Hipkins  - in a stunning admission on the AM Show 16 days ago, when he said the vaccines would run out. 

And so on Wednesday, it was confirmed.

The Health Ministry quietly made the change on its website last week.

Why did it sneak it in like that - an army of PR hacks - not a single paragraph alerting us to the change.

People deserve better - my mum had her jab two days ago.

She gave up waiting to be contacted, did some digging and found a place in Auckland's CBD, turned up - and bingo.

I have a friend with 80-year-old parents - they are yet to be contacted.

I have another friend - his brother, a non-resident visitor aged 39 from Britain got jabbed three weeks ago in Mt Wellington- he gets his second jab today.

Confused? Don't be - the Government has cleared it all up, with David Parker saying the response has been "damn near perfect".

They truly live in their own bubble don't they. How dare the truth burst it.

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