Newly appointed Governor-General Cindy Kiro via Getty
Newly appointed Governor-General Cindy Kiro via Getty

Former Head of the Ministry of Social Development calls newly appointed Governor-General a liar

Peter Williams 25/05/2021

LISTEN: Former head of the Ministry of Social Development, Christine Rankin, says the new Governor-General Dame Cindy Kiro is a liar and a dishonest apologist for crimes against children.

Peter Williams spoke to Christine Rankin on the show and she isn't happy with Dame Cindy Kiro being appointed as the new Governor-General and had a few choice words to say about the matter.

I believe Dr Kiro lacked any depth of understanding of her role [as children's commissioner]. She was there to advocate and protect New Zealand children and do something real about our appalling statistics. The reality was she spent most of her time overseas, and she was an apologist for the people who committed appalling crimes against New Zealand children, and that frustrated me enormously.

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