Dr Ashley Bloomfield via Getty
Dr Ashley Bloomfield via Getty

Peter Williams: Dr Bloomfield’s had a brain fart

Peter Williams 14/05/2021

OPINION: Do you remember what level 2 means? Do you have an inkling of what level 2.5 might mean? Do you really want to have a level 2 or 2.5 existence across the country in order to open the border? 

Well, that was a suggestion made yesterday by Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield which I find just a bit bizarre. Are we that desperate to have the borders open, and by that, I presume he means people can come in without having to do 14 days in isolation, that we’d have to put restrictions on the way we have to live? 

Not only would the majority of the population have to be vaccinated, but it would also mean no social gatherings of more than 10 people - including in church, no more than 10 people together in a pub and everybody has to be seated, and no crowds at sports matches and concerts. Do we really want that sort of nonsense just so we can have a tourism industry again? Was that a brain fart, Ashley? Do you really believe New Zealanders will put up with that sort of restriction again? 

The most recent increases in alert levels had most of us wondering why, so as the Director-General of Health talks in one breath about living with Covid and it being endemic like the annual flu, and not an epidemic or a pandemic, we are not really going to put up with restrictive public health measures on an ongoing basis are we? 

Wouldn’t we prefer that international arrivals here are restricted to those who can provide an approved negative test before departure, and do a negative test here on arrival? If they fail on arrival they go to quarantine and they pay. And we become like Britain and have a list of countries that we accept visitors from. 

Otherwise, you’re not allowed in unless you do two weeks isolation at your own expense. I mean how hard is that? But Ashley, as far as putting level 2.5 restrictions back on daily life, you’re joking, aren’t you? Or is that all part of the grand plan?

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