'It is very high': Survey prompts call for mandatory reporting on gender pay gap

The AM Show 03/06/2021

WATCH: Milford Asset Management senior analyst Frances Sweetman joined The AM Show this morning to discuss the gender pay gap that is showing worryingly high numbers across certain industries.

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) surveyed 4500 members and found men in the industry are paid 40% to 50% more than women. 

"It is very high," Milford Asset Management senior analyst Frances Sweetman told The AM Show on Thursday morning.

Professional services - in banking, finance and accounting - is generally worse than average. But in New Zealand our average is only 9.5 percent, so the difference between the average pay gap and this across accountants is enormous.

Westpac recently reported a pay gap of 29.1%. 

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