'It's not my job' Jacinda Ardern will not shut down Christchurch terror attack film

The AM Show 14/06/2021

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern came on The AM Show this morning and revealed that she is 'deeply uncomfortable' with the controversial film 'They Are Us'. The Prime Minister believes that the 'stories need to be told from the Muslim community'.

'They Are Us' was announced last week as a film about the response to the Christchurch Mosque Shootings that happened back in 2019. The controversial film has been slammed for being insensitive, too soon and having a "white saviour" narative.

"My other reaction - at the time I was told generally about the film, but when I was told in more detail what it would likely focus on - my view was yes, there are stories to be told from March 15 but I don't consider mine to be one of them. I consider the stories that need to be told from the Muslim community."

"I think it is for the community to determine whether those are stories that at some stage they want told or not. But as everyone said, now feels very, very raw for everyone and again, I'm deeply uncomfortable by where the emphasis is."

"It's not my job. People would be pretty outraged if I tried to stop movies generally that I didn't like being made"

"I think if there is going to be a film at all it needs to be centred on the victims' families and those who were directly impacted."