'Not really what we signed up for' Journalist questions aiding US with weapon technology

The AM Show 22/06/2021

Investigative Journalist Ollie Neas, is questioning Rocket Lab aiding the US by launching technology that assists drone strikes. Kiwi's could potentially feel "uneasy" if they knew what was really going into orbit.

"There's the Kiwi success story, which we're all really familiar with, but it's also a major contractor for the US military,"

"It's worked with the US military for over a decade, and now it's regularly launching satellites into orbit for US military and intelligence agencies. I think there's eight separate missions, and some of those have carried numerous satellites. Rocket Lab's estimation is about 30 percent of its business is for US defence agencies."

"I'm not saying they're an evil company at all, and look, when it comes to space the lines between military and scientific and civilian uses are really, really blurred. The point is we have different views in this country about exactly where that line should be."