'Someone has to care' Mike King explains why he's returning his NZOM Medal

The AM Show 16/06/2021

Mike King came onto The AM Show to explain why he is returning his New Zealand Order of Merit Medal. The mental health activist said that "things haven't changed and so many are still suffering".

Trigger Warning: This video contains mentions of suicide.

"The reason I am taking this back is because I want people who are struggling to know that I see you, we see you, we feel you and I am going to do everything in my power, everything I've got until my last breath making sure that whatever Government is in power - things are going to change. "

"If I give up and look after myself then I am just like the rest of them who sit in their little ivory towers, work nine to five and then go home and pat themselves on the back. 

"Someone has to care and someone has to be there as a voice for those people who feel they've lost their voice."

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