"staggered at their incompetence" Collins calls out govt regarding 5 beds built for mental health services

The AM Show 23/06/2021

Judith Collins joined The AM Show this morning to talk about the "incompetence" of the govt following the insight that only $500k of the proposed $1.9 billion committed to mental health has been spent, producing only 5 beds for kids in need.

"Not only have they let down New Zealanders, but they promised New Zealanders so much," Collins told The AM Show on Wednesday. "You saw it with Mike King - he's just given up on them." 

Collins wasn't impressed, saying she was "staggered at their incompetence".

"All I got yesterday was a lot of fluff, a lot of handwringing, a lot of waving around and a lot of accusations. I want some answers for New Zealanders." 

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