'These are kiwis' Pasifika activist calls for reparations for Dawn Raids

The AM Show 15/06/2021

Will 'Ilolahia co-founder of the Polynesian Panthers is calling on the government to 'offer more' than just an apology. He says that it’s almost been 50 years since the Dawn Raids and many people are still traumatized by the tragedy.

"The cases that came across our doorsteps were unbelievable. Women getting dragged down to the cop station with just their lavalava. We've got people still traumatised about this."

"It's unbelievable - the Dawn Raids were started by the Labour Party. It's too long. What we're asking for are pathways to residency for people who are overstayers… we've got cases of people being here for 11-12 years - cases of their children being head boys at schools."

'Ilolahia is wanting pathways to residency and estimates that 10,000 people are overstaying in New Zealand. He also indicated that activists would take action if the government doesn’t listen,

"Look out on the 26th - there might be something happening. A bit of action. These are Kiwis, really - they just haven't got the stamp on the passport.”