'This hurts us' Duncan Garner frustrated about the Trans-Tasman bubble closure

The AM Show 28/06/2021

OPINION: The New Zealand-Australia bubble has closed completely for the first time and hundreds of Kiwis are stranded.

It will be closed for three days initially but shut to New South Wales for longer.

But firstly, to New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian who doesn't believe in lockdowns - what a d**k move to do nothing for weeks. These COVID-19 cases are on your head due to your grandiose position.

There were 30 new cases of COVID-19 in Sydney on Sunday -  and that's what no lockdown will do.

Now we have taken tougher action - the action we could have avoided.

This hurts us. 

The tourists were the one flood the South Island wished for. This pause will come at a considerable cost for parts of the New Zealand economy. 

I feel for Queenstown, in particular, and Air New Zealand. 

Queenstown businesses have been hanging on for dear life waiting for the July school holidays and the cold weather to bring the snow - and snow represents cash for locals.

The snow has arrived on time, but so has COVID-19.

It means the bubble pops and it's unlikely to open in time for the Australian school holidays - which are a week before New Zealand's.

One Queenstown hotelier has told Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult she had an "avalanche" of cancellations. 

This is devastating for these businesses. 

Piles of Aussies were due to fly in, rent cars, stay at hotels and motels, party, drink, eat, mix, mingle and ski. 

Now Queenstown is pinning its hopes on Kiwis making the trek. 

I know Boult would stand at the airport and personally welcome everyone if it meant saving businesses teetering on the edge.