Most Kiwi's don't want Winston Peters back, do you?

The AM Show 21/06/2021

Peter Dunne the former United Future leader says that 'people have moved on' and that it'd be a 'herculean task' for Winston Peters to get 5% of the poll.

"This was the big tease yesterday - we didn't get the definite answer. He hasn't said whether he's coming back or not, he's just simply said, 'we're back' which is a very vague phrase,"

"The big thing about it from his point of view is we're all talking about him."

70.1% of New Zealanders don't want Winston Peters back in politics according to a Newshub-Reid Research Poll. Peter Dunn responded,

"I was a little surprised the figure wasn't higher, frankly - given where things ended up at the end of last year,"