Former Marathon Runner shows concern around inclusion of Trans Athletes in Women's Sport

The AM Show 08/06/2021

Former Marathon Runner Alison Roe is concerned about a bill that gives rights to transgendered women to compete in Womens sport due to the physical advantage that "biological men" have.

"They're stronger, they're faster and they are um, obviously, you know, have a different hormonal makeup." Roe said in the interview.

Allison Roe is one of 41 former althletes who are concerned for biological women's future in sport if transgendered athletes are allowed to compete against other women in a club/community level.

"Quite frankly, there hasn't been very much consultation," Roe says. "It's very narrow and I believe it's very important that they ask the women."

"Women have not been asked and we make up more than 50 percent of the population. 

"At the highest level, it is impossible to compete with. As women, we have had a real struggle through the last 50 years, even having our own sports and having women participate in sports. 

"This would be a huge retrograde step in my view."

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