Could 'healthy masculinity' fix the sexual harassment problem?

The AM Show 29/06/2021

A survey conducted by Christchurch Girls High School revealed that over 400 students had been sexually assaulted and over 20 students had been raped. The AM Show spoke with White Ribbon manager Rob McCann about healthy masculinity.

"It's appalling to look at the results of this survey but I think what the public has to understand is this -  what we think is occurring throughout New Zealand,"

"From my perspective, we've got to actually look at this much more holistically and wider, which is, 'how do we actually prevent this from happening in the first place?"

"What I think we need to do is demonstrate that, actually, the other options are much better for them - healthy masculinity means that you can cry, you can laugh, you can do all the different things that you want to do in life - and you have a much better chance of having relationships."

"We need to make sure the Government's putting this information throughout our schools because it's a bit of a postcode lottery; not every school is talking about this, not every school is equipped.

"We've actually got to get out, spend some money on the issue, start making sure we're educating within those schools, educating parents, and just changing how we talk about male masculinity."