Duncan Garner: 'This isn't the new Oranga Tamariki we were promised is it?'

The AM Show 30/06/2021

OPINION: When staff at one of Oranga Tamariki's controversial care and protection units thinks no one is watching, they're acting completely out of line.

Leaked CCTV footage shows staff chasing, tackling and restraining a young teenager.

The actions have been slammed as totally unacceptable by Children's Minister Kelvin Davis.

The acting CEO of Oranga Tamariki Sir Wira Gardiner says he's deeply concerned excessive force looks to have been used against young people in state care.

And now the Children's Commissioner who has always wanted these units shut down says he wants the police called in to investigate.

The footage was leaked to Newsroom  - a whistleblower so gobsmacked at the over the top aggressive approach they chose to hit the nuclear option and take it to the public where it now simply can't be denied, covered up and spun.

This isn't the new Oranga Tamariki we were promised is it?  If so, I want my money back.

Oranga Tamariki barely has the confidence of the people now - a few more of these videos and they'll need another makeover.

The truth is makeover, takeover, take down, smackdown, lockdown, blah blah - whatever.

Oranga Tamariki took decades to develop its culture and not much has changed for the good clearly. New name sure, same old rough tactics.

These kids aren't young criminals,  but they are under the care and protection of Oranga Tamariki for various family breakdown reasons - it needs to be a safe place because up until then it clearly hasn't been safe.

They're vulnerable, young, and need enormous support around them - not backflips and bully boy nonsense.

We are still waiting for the big positive changes that were promised. Sure bring in the cops but maybe a much wider clean out of the place is needed. 

The rot appears to be set in 

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