Bjorn Lomborg
Bjorn Lomborg

High cost, little benefit': Bjorn Lomborg says renewables must be more cost-effective

Peter Williams 10/06/2021

LISTEN: Danish economist Bjorn Lomborg says we need to look at ways to make renewable energy genuinely more cost-effective to help solve the climate change problem.

Speaking from Sweden, Mr Lomborg told Magic Talk Mornings host Peter Williams he believes we need to cut down the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, but that rich nations like the United States, Britain - and New Zealand - can spend literally trillions of dollars in the next 70 years and make virtually no difference to the world’s temperature because the demand for electricity in places like China, India and Africa means that world emissions will remain high. 

On Wednesday, New Zealand's Climate Change Commission released its final report and advice on how to slash our emissions.

Mr Lomborg believes that the money spent on initiatives getting to carbon zero would be much better invested in finding ways to make renewable energy cheaper. 

Listen to the full interview with Bjorn Lomborg above.