Simon Bridges insists market should be in control of the use of EV's, not the government

The AM Show 11/06/2021

The Climate Change Commission has recommended that imports of new cars running on fossil fuels should be banned by 2032 and used cars by 2035. National MP Simon Bridges and Environment Minister David Parker spoke with Duncan Garner about the issue.

National MP Simon Bridges pushed for more electric vehicles as the Transport Minister back in 2016 however he expressed concern for small businesses,

"I think we should have incentives, I don't like tax though - I think they hurt the poorest. I think actually if you're a small business person in a van, you can't get an EV, right?"

"I think the market is going to do it. Or it won't actually. We're irrelevant, we're so small. These big car manufacturers, either they'll get there and it will sort of happen, with a bit of help from the Government. But that's kind of it. I don't think a ban or anything's going to work."

Environment Minister David Parker made it clear that if the imports were banned there would be a transition period rather than banning fossil fuel cars altogether.

"They essentially get used until they're worn out, then they get recycled just as they do now... I don't think anyone's suggesting you won't have a second-hand market in petrol cars until they're worn out. Eventually there will be a transition." 

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