Nurses Strike for better pay and improved working conditions

The AM Show 09/06/2021

New Zealand Nurses are striking today for better pay and better working conditions. Many nurses are leaving the industry due to feeling stressed out and unsafe.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Diane McCulloch says that hospitals are overrun, ED's are overflowing and hospital beds are over capacity. She believes that they require more staff and better pay so that they are valued for their skills and qualifications.

"It's totally unsafe - and the expectation is the healthcare workforce work safely and produce quality care.

"Nurses are so afraid everyday to enter their workplace because they are stressed, burnt out, and sick and tired of the same issues they are facing on a daily basis."

"We need more staff and we need better pay rates so that we are valued for our skills and qualifications. We are looking at the younger generation to enter the nursing workforce. We want to focus on nurses coming from overseas. We want to keep our nurses here in New Zealand."