Simon Bridges claims emission-vehicle fees will bump up house prices

The AM Show 18/06/2021

National's Simon Bridges & Labour's David parker join The AM Show this morning to discuss the big topics from this week.

Rebates will be offered to people driving smaller, less pollutant cars while bigger vehicles such as utes will be hit with emission fees.

"My worry is actually poor families, tradies, farmers - there's no viable alternative," Bridges told The AM Show on Friday.

"So what are they going to do? They're just going to pay more tax. There's not actually anything they can do about it - they've still got to actually have a ute, they've got to have a van."

When moving the conversation to costs in housing development, Bridges claimed that building costs could actually increase because of this idea, considering many tradies use utility vehicles to do their job.

"It actually means the cost of houses go up, the cost of getting my deck done." 

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