Sue Saunders: Conceivable

The Sunday Cafe 21/06/2021

We talked to Sue Saunders, a trained counsellor who worked for a major fertility clinic in New Zealand for 20 years who has just published Maybe Baby. The book navigates the emotional journey that happens through assisted fertility.

Saunders revealed that Maybe Baby came to be after a client of hers wished that she could read about the emotional journey instead of having councilling for it. The client told Sue Saunders that she should be the one to write it.

Before writing the book, the author has been through her own infertility trauma, worked as a fertility counsellor and has also talked to many people with many different experiences.

It's not nice watching people be so heartbroken about not being parents.

Sperm counts have halved in western countries, including New Zealanders. By 2045 it is predicted that most couples will have assisted reproduction. Saunders commented that currently, 'one in four couples have some level of fertility challenge'. She clarified that it doesn't mean all of the couples use assisted reproduction techniques but most of them do.

Maybe Baby will be coming to bookstores this week, you can find the book here.