Rachel Stewart on her property near Whanganui.
Rachel Stewart. Credit: David White/Stuff

'It's called satire': Columnist Rachel Stewart says she does not regret 'threatening' tweet

Ryan Bridge 07/07/2021

LISTEN: Rachel Stewart, the columnist who was stripped of her guns over a Twitter post Police considered to be threatening, has told Magic Talk she does not regret writing the tweet.

In May, Stewart lashed out on Twitter amid debate over Speak Up For Women - a group opposed to gender self-identification - being blocked from hosting a speaking event in Christchurch.

Transgender activists clashed with Speak Up For Women supporters, like Stewart, and the online discourse became heated.

Stewart wrote on Twitter, "Is it wrong that the country girl in me wants to invite my gun-toting sisters over, strip this wee f***er naked, let him loose in the back paddock, jump on the tray of the ute, and hunt him down with spotlights while whooping & hollering & drinking?" 

Police were unhappy, deeming the post to be of a threatening nature.

Speaking to Magic Talk's Ryan Bridge, Stewart said she does not regret writing the tweet.

"It's called satire, it's called self-mockery - actually, it's taking the piss out of myself. If anyone took it that way, they chose to take it that way for a reason, I guess," she said.

Stewart says she is "sick" of some men attacking women for having views on things like self-identification and transgender issues.

Listen to the full interview with Rachel Stewart above.

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