'People feel very shut down' Judith Collins is calling on kiwis to demand the debate

The AM Show 14/07/2021

The opposition party has launched their new campaign to 'Demand the Debate' to respond to policy announcments that Labour never campaigned on. Leader of the Opposition, Judith Collins claims that New Zealanders feel shut down, are accused of racism or being a 'Karen'. 

"It's an opportunity for New Zealanders to demand the debate... we are highlighting particular issues that the Government did not campaign on but which they are pushing through,"

At the moment, people feel very shut down if they say anything. They are either accused of being a racist or they are apparently a 'Karen'… I think it's a way of shutting down people who don't necessarily have your own view. It is a legitimate debate and New Zealanders deserve that."

"We are also saying to people it is okay to actually question, you don't have to go along with everything."