Gumboot Friday's Mike King furious gang's rehab scheme gets funding approval

The AM Show 13/07/2021

Last month mental health charity Gumboot Friday was denied funding that provides free counselling for young New Zealanders. It was announced earlier this week that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern signed off millions of dollars to fund the Mongrel Mob's meth rehab programme.

Jacinda Ardern said in Monday's press conference,

"I'm comfortable because it was a programme that was not just brought forward by the Ministry of Health - it was supported by Corrections, police, [Ministry of Social Development], and the local Hawke's Bay police."

"They, of course, would know more of the programme because it was trialled for a short period in 2020 and I place weight on the local police officers' views."

Newshub reported that Mike King slammed the Prime Ministers decision in a Facebook video after the announcement,

"When I asked you to have a conversation about it in the Koru Club, you looked me in the eye and you said, 'Mike I cannot get involved in this, we have a fair and equitable system and I cannot be involved in funding decisions'.

"Yet today you stood at the press conference and you took credit for signing off $2.75 million to the Mongrel Mob. I don't get it. Where is the fair and equitable process? Where is the honesty and transparency? For me, it's lost and you've been making these silly decisions for a long time now."

The AM Show clip is from 02/07/21 when Mike King visited The AM Show to discuss the Ministry of Health's decision to decline funding to Gumboot Friday.