Patrick Gower urges director of 'They Are Us ' to 'just pull out'

The AM Show 12/07/2021

Newshub national correspondent Patrick Gower is urging New Zealand born director, Andrew Niccol to listen to the survivors and the victims' families. The journalist revealed last night that a number of victims had been named in the script and that seventeen minutes of the movie graphically reenacts the shooting.

Patrick Gower was on The AM Show panel this morning and discussed how it felt to be the first person to share the script to Maha Elmadani, a daughter of a man who was murdered in the Christchurch shooting.

"It's really hurtful when I think about [Maha] because… it was really hurtful having to show her the script. It really hurt me personally having to see her anger to see it, but I knew some people had to see it to tell people what was in it," Gower told The AM Show.

"She found it terrifying. She was disgusted by the portrayal of the terrorist. Her father is not named in the script. I asked her to read a small portion that showed how the terrorist would be portrayed. For me personally, it was devastating to put her through that. It made her angry, it made her sad. As a human being, to see her reaction, I felt terrible. But I knew there had to be some people that saw it from Christchurch that could come out and say, this is how it makes me feel."

I'm appealing to Andrew Niccoll who as a New Zealander, the writer and director to just, just pull out and we can just stop talking about it and that's going to be better for everyone in this country.