Are we doing enough about teaching our sons about consent?

The AM Show 28/07/2021

Earlier this year a sexual harassment survey conducted by Christchurch Girls High School revealed that more than a quarter of the students say that they had been sexually harassed more than 10 times - and 20 of the students said they had been raped.

Child Psychologist Linde-Marie Amersfoort spoke to The AM Show and says that we're great at informing our girls about empowerment but aren't doing enough to challenge masculine stereotypes. 

"...We're not very good at challenging the masculinity stereotypes that our kids, our boys especially are confronted with all the time. You know, when those ads come up, we don't really sit and talk to our boys and go, that's not actually, you know, all that being a man is about."

"It's also about emotions, respect and perspective taking. So and we definitely need to step up our game in that respect, because it is this. I think there is these masculinity stereotypes about how do we prove that we're a man."

She continued, "And some of that is about our sexual conquests. And how many you know, we how many notches in our belts can we can we notch up."

Amersfoort says that the conversation around masculinity stereotypes should begin when discussing the 'birds and the bees'. She says that when discussing bodies we should also be discussing what healthy relationships look like, others wellbeing and taking someone elses perspective.

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