Bill Cosby via Getty
Bill Cosby via Getty

Bill Cosby rumoured to tour again, including NZ - agent

Ryan Bridge 09/07/2021

LISTEN: Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby is rumoured to be planning an international comedy tour and New Zealand could be in his sights, his agent has told Magic Talk.

It's less than two weeks since he was released from prison on a technicality, which left his accusers disgusted and furious.

Cosby had served more than two years of a three to 10-year sentence following his 2018 conviction.

His agent Andrew Wyatt told Magic Talk's Ryan Bridge he does not believe the women who accused Cosby of misconduct.

"Don't wait 30-40 years with no evidence and no proof."

Wyatt says promoters in the UK, Canada and the US are demanding Cosby return.

"Offering a lot of money to have Bill Cosby out and on the stage," he told Magic Talk.

Asked if Cosby will add New Zealand to his tour list, Wyatt says he will if there is demand for him to visit our shores.

Listen to the full interview with Andrew Wyatt above.

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