COVID-19: Chris Hipkins confirms 'handful' of Kiwis have had 'severe reaction' to Pfizer vaccine

The AM Show 06/07/2021

WATCH: Minister for COVID-19 Chris Hipkins told The AM Show this morning that there have been a few severe reactions recorded to the Pfizer jab.

"Yes there have been a few people who have experienced side effects and that is not unusual for this vaccine, that applies with almost every vaccine that does get rolled out," he said. 

"You do get some people who have an allergic reaction, not to the vaccine but to the solution that the vaccine is mixed in with for example.  Those are all recorded and are publicly available on the Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring (CALM) website."

When asked how many people had reported side effects, Hipkins said "a small number, a handful of people" had reported "severe reactions", while "a bigger number" reported milder symptoms.

The latest safety report from Medsafe (between Feb 20 - June 5 2021) confirmed there have been 4521 reports of adverse events following immunisation out of a total 744,883 vaccinations.

Of these, 4341 were not serious, while 180 were serious.

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