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Feral dogs terrorising Northland, killing sheep and goats

Ryan Bridge 07/07/2021

LISTEN: Northland farmers are heartbroken and in fear as feral dogs run wild.

Some $10,000 worth of sheep stock has been killed in the Far North this past week alone. 

Anne Marie Nilsson's family owns a sheep & beef farm at Waitiki - south of Cape Reinga. She told Magic Talk's Ryan Bridge their farm has already had over 100 animals killed.

"We've got a big problem with feral dogs," she said.

Nilsson says the wild dog population in the Far North has worsened over the last eight months, perhaps from people dumping them. 

"In the last week, we have suffered the brunt of their predation basically. Our ewes started lambing, which makes them quite vulnerable. And we've had two really bad attacks on our ewes and lambs," she told Magic Talk.

The family has also lost more than 30 angora goats.

Listen to the full interview with Anne Marie Nilsson above.

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