Humans interfering with nature 'doing more harm than good' - expert

Danny and Leah 29/07/2021

LISTEN: Toa the orca calf captured our minds and hearts after stranding on rocks north of Porirua and separating from his pod.

But questions are being asked about the ethics and costs of saving wild animals, in the wake of his death.

Otago University bioethicist Dr Elizabeth Fenton told Magic Talk's Danny Watson that while it may seem like a good idea to help a creature or animal in distress, often things don't go the way we hope they will.

"Humans don't have a good track record in terms of interfering with nature," she said.

Dr Fenton says we need to ask ourselves, in certain circumstances, are we doing more harm than good.

"And sometimes it will be appropriate to step back and leave part of nature alone," she told Magic Talk.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Elizabeth Fenton above.

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