Jacinda Ardern won't say if she would like to see govt funding go to Mike King's Gumboot Friday

The AM Show 05/07/2021

WATCH: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will not say whether she thinks Mike King's Gumboot Friday should be government funded this morning on The AM Show.

After King's Gumboot Friday was denied funding because of a late application Ardern held her position in saying that the government are creating a new mental health system.

"In those areas of primary mental health care, we have been building a system that didn't exist before," she told The AM Show on Monday.

"I'm not arguing we have a perfect system - we don't. I know that Mike gets the front-end of that and so one of the things we've been talking about, the ministry and Mike's team at Gumboot Friday is, is there a way they can support some of the work that he's been doing?"

"I think we need to clear our waitlists," she responded. 

"Do you agree or do you not agree that they should be funded?" Garner repeated.

"I'm answering the question - I'm just disagreeing with you," Ardern said. 

"No you're not, Prime Minister," Garner interjected.

Ardern added if the mental health system was just funded through Gumboot Friday, it wouldn't necessarily solve the issues.

"So, it's a no?" Garner asked.

"No," Ardern replied. "It's a… there is a way through, I'm sure of it. I just want to spend a bit more time on this problem because it's nationwide.

"One-off initiatives won't necessarily solve the problem when we need to solve our problem… I want the Ministry of Health to keep talking to Gumboot Friday and they are… I'm not sure, necessarily, that that is the best long-term way to do it but we're still talking to them.

"It's not my job to make those decisions and nor would it be right for me to, because there's a number of people that go through those tender processes."  

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