Judith Collins accuses Suhayra Aden of being a 'bad mother'

The AM Show 28/07/2021

The government has agreed a terror suspect will be allowed to return to New Zealand along with her two children. Suhayra Aden will face a terrorism investigation but it's unlikely she'll face charges here.

Leader of the opposition, Judith Collins joined The AM Show this morning to discuss Suhayra Aden's arrival to New Zealand and the vaccine rollout. When asked about Aden, Judith Collins said,

"Well, it's a total disappointment, isn't it? We did. We got it got done over by the Australians. And she's not like she was anything to do with us other than she happened to be born here, left when she was six."

"And, you know, I just feel sorry for the poor little kids. They've been brought up and dragged up, you could say, in a place like Syria and ISIS camps. "

"And this woman chose to marry three times into ISIS fighters, left Australia for that purpose. And I just think we're going to actually rue the day that we have to take her."

"We are going to have to pick up the pieces at a time when we can't even- we're asking Oranga Tamariki and people like that to be involved at a time when public confidence in Oranga Tamariki I'd say probably the all time low."

"So it is a terrible situation. I feel very sorry for those children because, you know, Ryan, I've seen people survive bad fathers. Very seldom do I see people survive bad mothers."

Counter-terrorism expert, Greg Barton believes that New Zealand should keep the children with their mother as she's probably of little risk to the country.

"Their best chance of success is to be with their mum...That justifies taking the risk with the mum, but it is a low risk with the mum."

"As far as we know, from all the evidence, she was early on reluctant about ending up with Islamic State and doesn't show signs of radicalisation. She will be properly assessed and there will be checks and balances in place."