March 15th civtims advocate Raf Manji
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March 15 victims advocate says film shouldn't be made - for now

Peter Williams 12/07/2021

LISTEN: A planned Hollywood film about the March 15 terror attack should not be made - for now at least, a victims advocate has told Magic Talk.

An early draft script of the planned Hollywood film They Are Us has been leaked to Newshub.

The leaked draft reveals:

  • There are 17 pages dedicated to the attack, which is around 17 minutes on film
  • 15 deaths are depicted in graphic detail, almost all of them named the victims
  • Many more woundings are also shown

Speaking to Magic Talk's Peter Williams, Raf Manji - a former Christchurch City Councillor who is working with the March 15 victims, said there is a coronial process underway involved the victims' families.

"The families are still doing investigations and gathering answers to questions they have about the cause of death. We're not even through a coronial process, so the idea that you could make a movie about this is clearly preposterous."

"It's highly disrespectful, there's been no proper engagement with bereaved families," he told Magic Talk.

Manji says the idea of a movie is "definitely not going down well with the community."

"It's very traumatic," he told Peter Williams.

The 124-page script is currently being circulated in the international film industry.

Listen to the full interview with Raf Manji above.

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