Mongrel Mob member Harry Tam campaigns for Labour, yells "Sieg Heil" - a victory salute used by Nazis

The AM Show 22/07/2021

OPINION: I've got a video you need to see. In it, you will see a man wearing a notorious Mongrel Mob patch. 

This man is Harry Tam. Jacinda Ardern is giving him and his company almost $3 million.

He says he's a good guy, he says we should trust him because Jacinda Ardern does.

Well, there's a good reason the Prime Minister should trust him, he's been campaigning for her and against the National Party. 

He's encouraging all members of the mob - not just the retired ones, the violent ones, the drug peddlers, the ones the cops are chasing - to vote Labour. 

This is the man she gave almost $3 million to and there's more. 

Yes, he just yelled Sieg Heil - a victory salute used by Nazis at their political rallies. This is the man Jacinda gave almost $3 million. 

New Zealand deserves a proper explanation from the Prime Minister on this. Is this man suitable to run a meth rehab programme? What does she think of his use of Nazi slogan? Did she know he was campaigning for her party at the election?

So we're clear, this video was released by the National Party. I don't know where they got it from. I don't know what date it was filmed but it is Harry Tam and it needs a response from the Prime Minister. 

I invite them both on this programme tomorrow to explain it all. 

And before the loopies jump on this and say I don't support meth rehab programmes - I do, I'm liberal on drug reform.

But there are plenty of charities crying out for money to rehabilitate ordinary Kiwis and they're getting nowhere. 

I believe Kiwis deserve answers on this - and it's only really Jacinda Ardern who can provide them. 

Ryan Bridge filling in for Duncan Garner on The AM Show.