Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt in front of Waikato Mongrel Mob Logo. via: HRC
Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt. via: HRC

Peter Williams : Should taxpayer money be going to the gangs?

Peter Williams 05/07/2021

OPINION: If the Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt wants to pay to speak to the gangs - he should use his own money

Can you provide me with any justification for the Human Rights Commissioner giving some money to the Mongrel Mob? And just who is giving him the cultural advice that you give your hosts some money as koha when you have given them the privilege of visiting and speaking to them?

Mongrel Mob Kingdom, as we know, have been on a major PR offensive for years. I seem to remember they started off trying to be good citizens by making school lunches around Ngaruawahia. Then over the years they have employed a PR person to tell good stories about them, they've invited Don Brash to be a treasurer for an education trust they set up, and they’ve extended invitations to various politicians and government officials to go visit them.

The National and Act Party have been staunchly consistent in refusing to engage. And even though we kept on getting the stories about how much the Mongrel Mob had cleaned up its act and it was no longer dealing drugs and doing bad things, that front of them being sound members of society took a pretty significant hit a few weeks back with that major drugs bust revealing some Waikato Mongrel Mob members among those who were arrested.

So how can you take these guys seriously? It isn’t surprising that Paul Hunt, the Human Rights Commissioner with a reputation for showing sympathy to left wing causes but is often reluctant to support human rights for middle class pakeha, has been speaking to the Mongrel Mob.

So he does them a favour, yet he pays them a donation? Ah, should it not be the other way round ? And apparently the Human Rights Commission is quite generous and over the year has doled out over four thousand dollars in donations to a variety of left wing causes including the activist group Action Station. I know the money is inconsequential, but it’s not Mr Hunt’s money.

It’s taxpayer money and he’s giving it to causes that he would appear to support. If he wants to speak to those groups, that’s fine. If he regards talking to Mongrel Mob as part of his job, then he has to make the decision. But he doesn’t need to pay them for hosting him. He was doing them a favour, was he not?

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