Jacinda Ardern on Harry Tam, 'I don't need to trust that individual person'.

The AM Show 26/07/2021

The government has been in controversy after The National Party leaked a video of Mongrel Mob member Harry Tam using a Nazi salute while urging fellow members to vote for The Labour Party. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern joined The AM Show to defend her decision to fund almost $3 million to the Mongrel Mob-linked rehabilitation scheme Kahukura despite the controversial video that showed a Mongrel Mob using a Nazi salute. 

During the interview the Prime Minister said,

"I don't need to trust that individual person - I need to look at the results that were produced in 2020 and I place my weight on the local police who supported the programme"

"The basis of this funding; it came from the support across agencies - including local police. That's why it's being funded.

"What I will push back on - there's been some suggestion here that because it's a treatment programme… the idea that that somehow implicitly means that we support gangs - I just reject that."